Business Development

Marketing Solutions for Professionals and Organizations that Service Business Owners

In today’s competitive business climate, offering a quality product or service is not enough. A sound business marketing and business development strategy must also be developed and skillfully executed.

If your prospects, customers or members are owners of small or midsize private businesses, you should consider adding a newsletter and/or business newsletter content to your business marketing and/or business development strategy. Studies show that when it comes to business development, newsletters provide higher penetration rates, longer shelf life and broader exposure than any other marketing medium.


A high quality newsletter can offer the following to your overall business marketing and business development strategy:

  • Gain consistent, automatic and high-quality exposure to your prospects, clients or members.
  • Enjoy repeated exposure as the business publications are read, saved, and re-read.
  • Position your company as a trusted advisor rather than simply a provider of a goods or services.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition – an essential ingredient to success.

If you decide to do a newsletter, you should outsource nearly all aspects. Allocating a significant amount of time to
non-core endeavors, such as the production and delivery of a newsletter, is unwise because business marketing and business development functions are not a part of the value added delivery of a product or services.
Here are your top three priorities to keep in mind:

  1. Serve the client’s needs first – by offering content of genuine value to the reader.
  2. Outsource the production and delivery to avoid distraction and insure consistency in quality and delivery.
  3. Don’t expect immediate payback and stick with the newsletter program long-term.