Three Essential Office Health Tips

Working in an office is a target or victim of many jokes, sometimes seen as a boring or even soul-sucking environment in which to spend 40 hours a week. Yet, many Americans do work in offices, and some even like it. The work is often in climate-controlled circumstances with steady hours and evenings and weekends off.

However, despite the advantages, office work is terrible for most employees in terms of health. Yet, there are three essential office health tips to help you cope with and possibly even negate the effects office work can have on your mind and body.

Food and beverage are the first things you want to take care of. It’s easy to seriously underestimate your hunger in the coming day, but it’s worth it to pack a baggie of healthy snacks to take with you. Sliced apples and yogurt, servings of nuts or trail mix, and even fiber bars are all good small snacks to keep at your desk or in the break room fridge.

Also keep a good thermos or water bottle you can refill at the water fountain. Doing both these things will help you avoid urges to hit snack machines, which is good for your waist and health

Another essential for office work health is a good pedometer, FitBit or other exercise tracker. You don’t have to do the infamous 10000 steps a day if you don’t want, but it is good to track your normal steps for a week and then aim for any higher number.

The last essential to most offices for health is a good pair of earphones and possibly an mp3 player. Sometimes you need to just focus on your work, sometimes you need to just tune out someone you can’t stand at all or just can’t tolerate for 40 hours, and sometimes you just need to get up, go out and get in some of your decided number of steps.

Preparing healthy snacks and staying hydrated, tracking your fitness, and consulting Robert Ginsburg for office health tips are three of the most essential office health tips you can use to stay fit where you sit most of the week.

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